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Voice of Joice Audiobook Narration



Vulnerable. Playful.


Candace Joice is compelled by stories that evoke compassion, challenge engrained perspectives, and inspire hope and connection. As a storyteller both onstage and in the vocal booth, she specializes in mining text to reveal its gems — evocative characters, moving ideas, and beautiful language — through choices brimming with imagination and specificity. Her voice is both vulnerable and strong, playful and intimate.

With a masters degree in Theatre from University of Central Missouri and over ten years of regional theatre credits, Candace's  storytelling versatility allows her to enjoy a range of genres, from the immersion of memoirs and literary fiction to the many character voices of genre novels; from the youth, energy, and vulnerability of YA, to the focus and clarity of non-fiction; and more.

Candace also worked in the non-profit arena for ten years addressing child exploitation and child abuse, including as a prevention-focused trainer and speaker presenting from coast to coast. 

When not storymaking, Candace can be found playing with her dog, whipping up great bakes in the kitchen, kayaking, and world-traveling. 

Home Studio: Shure SM7B, CloudLifter, Scarlet Focusrite Solo, solid state Macbook Pro, Reaper

Dialects: American Southern, British RP, Contemporary London, Baltimore, New York, Russian

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Fiction Samples

"What she wanted to say" - 3rd person - 1M, 1F - LitFic
"Heart Hiccups" - 1st Person - 1M, 1F - RomCom
"I needed that money" - 1st person - 3F - Tense scene
"I'm not fine" - 3rd person - 1M, 1F - Suspense
"Can't blame him" - 1st person, 1M, 1F - RomCom
"The Power of Speech" - 3rd person - 2F - LitFic
"The Playground" - 1st person - 3F - Women's Fiction
"Bourbon and BBQ" - 1st person - 1M, 1F - Fun & Flirty
"Bus vs Library" - 1st person introspective
"It's not a dream" - 1st Person - 1M, 1F - Fantasy

Nonfiction Samples

"The Science of Breath" - Science - Nonfiction
"Mrs. Roosevelt" - 3rd person - Biography - Nonfiction
"Addiction, but make it wry" - 1st person - Memoir - Nonfiction
"We're not perfect" - Self Help - Nonfiction

Dialect Samples

Baltimore - 1F - 1st person
American Southern - 3F, 1M - 1st person
Contemporary Britain - 1F, 1M - 1st person
New York - 1F - 1st person
Russian - 1F, 1M - 1st person



"Candace was a joy to work with on my audiobook series! She's a talented actress who can perform a range of voices and accents, and the audio files were always well edited. She met every deadline and was quick to respond to messages. I recommend Candace to anyone looking for a female voice actress."
-Alicia Rades, author

"Not only was Candace an excellent narrator, but she was also very professional, and had great communications skills. She was great with email. Altogether it was a pleasure working with her. I highly recommend her."
-Cora Baker, author

"She is professional, creative, and authentic. She produced a high quality audiobook and I am delighted."
-Dr. Clare Allen, author

"Candace is a gem! It's so easy to work with her. She's fast and responsive, and her narration is incredible. I get compliments about my narrator all the time! I already have my next audiobook narration project scheduled with her!"
-Juliana Haygert, author

"Professional acting and speedy delivery, Candace offers an accomplished narration experience for any author."

Clients include

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Meet Viola, the other side of Candace Joice, who specializes in steamy romance and more...

Explore Viola's latest offerings here.

Viola Lorde

"So Drunk I Got Married" - 2F - 1st person
"I Really Want to Say No" - 1M1F - 1st person
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