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"Candace Joice does finely calibrated and difficult work taking Michelle into a sunken place she may not be able to make her way out of."

- Lisa Kennedy, The Denver Post

"Michelle is suffering not only from the world’s worst case of post-partum depression but the growing awareness that she wasn’t cut out to be a mom and that her husband likely doesn’t much care for her. . . Joice brings her fully to life as a tragic figure."

-Alex Miller, Onstage Colorado

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"As she is in just about everything I’ve seen her in, Joice is just tremendous in this role, wincing her way through the tumultuous heyday of Van Halen like a kite in a hurricane barely hanging on. When, after several costume changes, she emerges in a pair of overalls striped like Eddie’s signature guitar, the diminutive Joice seems to shrink physically even as Van Halen’s artistic prowess and ambition grows.


The audience can’t take their eyes off of her, the big guitar a steady presence on her slight frame as Eddie tries to balance his own ego with his natural introversion. It’s a neat performance."

- Alex Miller, Onstage Colorado


"Candace Joice is killer as both shy Gloria and self-assured Nan."
- Juliet Whitman, Westword Magazine


"Gloria [is] portrayed with vibrating frustration by Candace Joice ."

- Lisa Kennedy, The Denver Post

"She’s a fine actress with the title role as the 'emotional terrorist' copy editor Gloria. With few lines to work with, Joice gives us the full picture of Gloria’s mental state with a series of facial contortions and hand wringing. Holding her body as if she’d like to disappear within herself, Joice’s wealth of physical cues are as humorous as they are disturbing."

- Alex Miller, Onstage Colorado



The cast of Pride and Prejudice received a Henry award nomination for Best Ensemble.

"A touch of Asperger's would explain Darcy’s rudeness and the trouble he has expressing his feelings for Lizzy.
Candace Joice’s Lizzy — tangle-haired, expressive and vulnerable, blurting out her thoughts as they arise — has enough vitality for both of them, and the scenes in which they discover their love are moving."

- Juliet Whitman, Westword

"I am forever in awe of Candace Joice who makes such good choices on stage and has such control of silence when it is the best choice. As Lizzy, about whom the story swirls, she remains the calm eye of the hurricane."

- Beki Pineda, Get Boulder

"As Lizzy, Candace Joice is front and center for much of the evening—her finely nuanced performance a remarkable blend of bravado, humility, and love—and delivers a catharsis as rich as the book on which her story is based."

-Bob Bows,


Candace was nominated for a Henry Award
(Outstanding Leading Performance by an Actress)
for her work in the regional premiere of Aaron Posner's District Merchants at Miners Alley Playhouse!

"Portia [is] lively and charming as played by Candace Joice..."

- Juliet Whitman, Westword

"Joice's nuanced portrayal of Portia—intelligent, caring, and naive—sets up an incredible scene with Jones that speaks volumes about Posner's skills as dramatist, and Joice's talent."

-Bob Bows,

"Candace Joice is luminous as Portia."

-David Marlowe, Marlowe's Musings 

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